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Monday, August 6, 2012

I Gave Blender Another Shot

Every once in awhile I get an urge, or an itch, to try out a new 3D modeler just to see how tools work in it and if it does things better (faster) than the tools I'm used to using. Well, early this morning, I thought I'd give Blender 2.63a a try. It's been a couple years since I gave version 2.4 a shot. So what the heck, right?

First thing, of course, is that the GUI is much better. Way better. I think it got revamped back in version 2.59. This time around, I actually played with the progarm for more than ten minutes. I was pretty much happy with its installation and that I couldn't mess up the GUI beyond repair.

But there was one problem though. The docs. The PDF manual. The online manual. The help file. There is none of that. Ok, I thought. I'll just go on the YouTube and see what's what about how to do simple texture painting on a cube, since I was unsuccessful trying to guess how on my own. But such videos were slim pickin's and, what I did see, involved doing the texture painting in Photoshop, which was not the direction I wanted to go in.

Oh, well. I've un-installed Blender and will try again another time. The idea of having to spend time learning another 3D modeler that I didn't really see as an improvement over the tools I have now was not appealing to me.