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Friday, July 24, 2015

Looking Forward to Robotics

In the end, machines replace people simply because it is cheaper for business. Humans have too many political excuses for suing everyone. And the government control and paperwork involved in dealing with humans is a b*tch. So replace them. Humans are really only good at consumerism anyway. I'd be curious to see which robots in the future get the most richest, and which get the most dangerous. And if they even bother with politics or governments at all like humans seem to hang onto.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life After Computers

Simulated intelligence can be used to replace customer service and sales people. Then later used to replace managers and IT people. The more advanced creative intelligences would replace hardware/software developers. This is the point where machines are making themselves better, and leaving humans out of the loop. Humans would be delegated to whatever it is that humans will still do that machines won't or don't do.

But the even more advanced creative intelligences... who's to say what they will be thinking about. Maybe a completely new form of life. Not biological. Not mechanical. Not chemical. God atomics, maybe. The guiding hands of planet building for infant stars.