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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Small Amout of Code For a Hello World

I'm trying to remember the last time I used such a small amount of code to trigger a GUI box in Windows. In my previous life, when I designed FX09 for OS-9 Level II on a TANDY Color Computer 3, I seem to recall using slightly less code than this for initializing and bringing up a GUI screen.

Anyway, I'm half-way through reading Wesley Chun's Core Python Programming (2nd Edition) book after a week so far. And I'll be spending another entire week going through the other half of it. Learning C++ was like a chore for me compared to learning Python.

Yes, I know that C++ is used to write operating systems and that it is used to write Python. But I don't want to write my own operating system or my own programming language. I just want to write computer programs using an interactive language that is easy, powerful, and fun to use. You know. The exact opposite of what COBOL is.

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