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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Python megawidgets (or Pmw)

Just downloaded Pmw 1.3.2 and have been trying out the demos that come with it. It seems to run fine so far in Python 2.5.4, which I'm using because my Python books are all geared for that version. This Pmw was written for Python 1.5 and later it says.

So far, I rather like this Pmw (Python megawidgets) for doing GUI stuff in.

I was not able to get Python to recognize the pygtk GUI. If programmers can't write proper installation instructions for their own software, that tells me a lot about the quality of their programming as well. So I'm skipping that one.

WxPython imported on the first try. It was a huge import, too. I'm not a big fan of Wx in general. A lot of Windows (and Mac) software companies that relied heavily on Wx for their GUI widgets in the past are no longer with us. Maybe Wx has fewer bugs these days? I'll find out soon.

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